General Information
  • Coordinator and Goals
    Ms. Tasha King, Coodinator

    Welcome to the Youth Services Center (YSC). We provide services, programs, and activities for the families of our students. Entering into the middle grades has its own set of adjustments that students must make academically and socially. Here in the YSC, we provide the much-needed support for families and students during this time. Academic assistance, basic needs resources, and transition support are our primary functions. You may feel free to contact us directly at (502) 485-8760. 

  • Removing Barriers
    YSCs are designed to help remove barriers to student learning. Each center assists students and families through programs and referrals to outside agencies and by partnering with groups inside and outside of the school. Programs and services are determined by the needs of the population served, available resources, location, and other local characteristics. The centers work with families to improve students’ attendance, to decrease problems with behavior or suspensions, to offer academic support, to deal with mental/physical health issues, and to offer parent support and assistance. All students and families are served regardless of income.

    YSCs were as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA). The intent of the center is to enhance students’ abilities to succeed in school by assisting children, youth, and families in meeting some of their basic needs. This is done by providing community services at the center or by linking families to agencies in their communities.
  • Western Middle YSC Services
    Health services and/or referral to health services
    Referrals to social services
    Employment counseling, training, and placement for youth
    Summer and part-time job development for youth
    Substance-abuse services or referral to substance-abuse services
    Family crisis and mental-health services or referral to mental-health services

    Each center has a local Advisory Council made up of school personnel, parents, students, and community representatives.