Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How can I receive information about uniforms, school supplies, etc?

These services vary according to ZIP code, but you may call your YSC coordinator.

Where can I go to get assistance for mental health issues?

Contact your YSC coordinator to find specific counseling services available for your child’s school. You may also call the Crisis and Information number (589-1100). Mental health emergencies may go to Kosair Children’s Emergency Room at 231 E. Chestnut St.

Where can I find information about physical and immunizations?

Remember, all incoming sixth graders must have a physical and immunizations and incoming ninth graders must have immunizations. You can contact your YSC coordinator, your Neighborhood Place, or the health department.

Where can I get additional academic support for my child?

Contact your school counselor or YSC coordinator to find services available at your school. There are also services in your community (Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs, churches, community centers, Wesley House, private tutors, etc.).

What can I do with my child when he or she refuses to go to school?

As the student’s parent/guardian, you are responsible for getting your child to school. If your child misses nine unexcused days of school, he or she will be referred to Pupil Personnel and possibly court. This means he or she will be considered truant. If you think your child has school phobia or other issues, you may want to contact a mental health professional or call your YSC coordinator.

How can I get help finding a job/college/General Educational Development (GED) certificate?

You may contact your YSC coordinator, who may be able to connect you with resources in the community.

What can I do when my child needs insurance?

For those meeting financial criteria, Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Plan (KCHIP) or Passport may be available. Adults without insurance may qualify for Get CARE; call 583-4690 for information. Contact your YSC coordinator for assistance with these matters.

Are there summer programs available?

Most YSC coordinators have information about summer programs prior to the end of the school year. Watch your school newsletter for more information. Services may vary according to ZIP code.

Are there parent programs to help me communicate and support my teen or preteen?

Contact your YSC coordinator, and watch for information in the newsletter.

How can I apply for FREE/reduced lunch and fee waiver?

You must apply for FREE/reduced lunch every year. Make sure the school has your correct address. The form will be mailed to your home during the summer for you to complete and return. If you need help with this, please contact your YSC coordinator.