Visual and Performing Arts
  • Beginning in...
    ...2010-11 with the incoming sixth-grade class, Western Middle School became the districtwide magnet school for visual and performing arts. All students attending Western Middle School choose an area of focus from the following: Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Band, String Orchestra, and Vocal Music. Visual and performing arts classes include opportunities for interdisciplinary learning to provide students with experience in all areas of the magnet program. The area of arts focus occurs daily and is 55 minutes in length.


    The Importance of Carefully Selecting Your Art Major

  • Instrumental Music (Band and Orchestra)
    Eric Allen, Band Teacher
    Dr. Luke Darville, String Orchestra Teacher

    Instrumental Music students will have the opportunity to participate in band or string orchestra. Students will play a variety of music.
    Students in band and orchestra will perform at the Kentucky Music Educators Association (KMEA) Large Ensemble Band or Orchestral Festival Assessment.
    Students will have the opportunity to participate in the KMEA Solo and Ensemble Assessments and to audition for the All-County Band and/or Orchestra.
  • Vocal Music
    Katie Cook, Vocal Music Teacher

    Vocal Music students will learn to sight-read music as well as sing a variety of musical selections.
    Students in chorus will participate in the KMEA Large Ensemble Choral Festival Assessment. Students will have the opportunity to participate in KMEA Solo and Ensemble Assessments and in the All-County Chorus.

    The chorus also will perform concerts at Western and at other venues in the community.


  • Dance
    Tamara Begley, Dance Teacher

    Students focusing on Dance will experience a variety of dance forms, including ballet, modern dance, and creative movement. Students will learn about the role of dance in various cultures throughout history.
    Dance productions to showcase students' skills will occur at least twice each year at the school and, when possible, at other venues throughout the community.
  • Drama
    Tiffany LaVoie and Steven Rahe, Drama Teachers

    Drama students will learn performance and presentation skills that can be used in advanced theater classes as well as in life. Students will study the history and performance elements of drama and play production.
    In addition, they will study acting techniques, improvisation, mime, pantomime, public speaking, role playing, creative movement, and playwriting. Students will be involved in a school play or performance each year.

    Drama students will be informed of performance opportunities with various arts organizations in the community. Field trips to professional performances will be integrated into the class curriculum.


    Drama Audition Monologue

  • Visual Arts
    Amanda Thompson and Rebecca Kelm, Visual Arts Teachers

    Over the course of their middle school experience, Visual Arts students will work with a variety of art processes, including drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, photography, and digital art.
    Students will display work in exhibitions and participate in a variety of art competitions. Student will have compiled an art portfolio upon completion of middle school.